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Santiago Rodríguez
18 Jan 2019

Easy, secure, fast and inexpensive

From now on the most secure and reliable way of registering your copyright is available to anyone.

Take a step forward and jump to the blockchain wagon with Ethertify!

Santiago Rodríguez
29 Nov 2018

Today is a special day: after several months of hard work we are proud to announce the official release of Ethertify on the Ethereum MainNet.

From now on you can to register any data on the Ethereum Blockchain and obtain a certificate which will be stored in Ethertify's smart contracts forever. Moreover, you can request signatures to other users or validated authorities.

The use cases for Ethertify are immense and we will be revealing them as soon as we have the documentation ready t...

Santiago Rodríguez
29 Oct 2018

28th Nov 2018: Updated references to reflect the Main Net release addresses.

The Ethertify smart contract is currently deployed on the Ethereum Main network. While our website provides all the required functionality and facilitates the interaction with the smart contract, you can use other tools in order to access it. In the end, it is a public smart contract and we don't have special permissions over it.

One of this tools is Etherscan, a fantastic ethereum block explorer full of fun...

Damián Serrano
29 Aug 2018

We are happy to announce the Beta release of Ethertify. You can check it directly from here. Please, feel free to ask for an activation code for your account. Currently, the number of users is limited.

Ethertify is a decentralized notarization and certification platform built upon blockchain technology. An Ethereum smart contract allows to register, certify and verify any data in the upcoming web 3.0.

Ethertify's website acts as a gateway between the certification/signing functionalities...