Official release
Santiago Rodríguez
29 Nov 2018

Today is a special day: after several months of hard work we are proud to announce the official release of Ethertify on the Ethereum MainNet.

From now on you can to register any data on the Ethereum Blockchain and obtain a certificate which will be stored in Ethertify's smart contracts forever. Moreover, you can request signatures to other users or validated authorities.

The use cases for Ethertify are immense and we will be revealing them as soon as we have the documentation ready to help users achieving their goals. In the meantime you can start using Ethertify for the purposes provided below.

Copyright registration

Are you a writer, drawer, musician, composer or a painter?

By registering your work through Ethertify you will have a valid proof of its existence so you can claim your rights when the time comes. The benefits of using Ethertify instead of traditional services are:

  • Confidential: Your work is never uploaded to the internet. A special code known as hash code will uniquely identify your work. This code is calculated on your computer and stored on the Ethereum blockchain. As a result nobody will ever know what you are registering.
  • Reliable and secure: Blockchain is a proven modern technology currently used to protect billions of dollars all around the world. This same technology will keep your copyright registration safer than any other system existing today: thousands of computers around the world are responsible of keeping your registration immutable and censorship resistant.
  • Time stamping: All the entries registered in Ethertify's smart contracts are automatically timestamped at the moment of its storage on the blockchain.
  • Fast: There is no need to wait several days or months in order to obtain your certificate. In a matter of seconds you will have a publicly verifiable digital proof.
  • Completely digital: There is no need of a hard copy of your work. Just the generated hash code is enough, saving you time and money.
  • Inexpensive: Registering your works through Ethertify will cost you just a few cents, which are required to cover the network expenses.
  • Publicly verifiable: Once that you get a certificate everyone will be able to verify its authenticity from the original source.

If you are a creator/artist you can start registering your works in Ethertify right now!

If you are a researcher and you want to protect yourself against intellectual property theft/piracy, you can regularly register copies of your current work and avoid future misappropriation troubles.

Document signing

Do you need a digital signature of a document?

After creating an ethertify certificate of your data you can request a signature to any user or authority through our platform. Since the signature is stored in the smart contract, anyone can verify its validity, expiration date and purpose.

And remember that you can request as many signatures as needed: multiple authorities or users can sign the same document to validate its contents or attach additional metadata.

Proof of existence

Do you need a timestamped attestation of the existence of certain information?

Just register it in Ethertify and you will obtain a confidential proof of its existence.

What's next?

We are aware of current blockchain applications usability: dealing with cryptocurrency is not as easy nor interesting for everyone and we consider it as a big barrier to mainstream adoption. Properly securing a wallet is not straighforward and requires certain level of expertise which not everyone is prepared to accept.

In order to offer all the goodness of blockchain technology to as many users as possible we are working on a new accounts system based on the Universal Login SDK. This will allow users to interact with Ethertify without the need of installing Metamask nor going through the process of acquiring Ether in order to cover the transaction costs.

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